Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Measurements

     Here I am again WAYYY to late in the evening just rushing to get a post in.  Today is my 4 month anniversary and measurements day and I hope you will take a quick second to check out my progress since I've started.
 Click here.  

      Also, here are my pics!  

     Quite the difference!  You can't see the changed I think as much from the side as you can see from straight on but I won't be posting those pics.  

     Tomorrow is my rest day from Insanity but I don't think I really want to do that.  I was thinking of maybe doing Level 3 from 30 Day Shred since that's only like 26 minutes.  I'm sure I'll be active tomorrow regardless.

     Something I wanted to talk about real quick is how in yesterday's work out and in today's too I bumped up against something that I have never experience before so I'm not exactly sure I know how to explain it so just go with me on this one.  When I started the workouts I wasn't tired or sore, in fact I was excited and ready to go but as I started to move I felt like I actually didn't have the energy to move through the program.  Like my legs were just like Nope, not today and I really had to mentally fight to keep myself going.  This was a different kind of mental fight then the screaming, pushing and crying that I have been doing.  Like it was from a different place in my brain, more primal.  As if my body was just like chill the fuck out what are you pushing so hard, are we in trouble? Are we being chased?  If we are your better get your ass into a cave or up and tree and knock off this running around like a maniac business.  Ya know?  So there's that.  I made it though both work outs and feel better for it.  

     Weigh in in two more days!  I'm excited to see results from Insanity!



  1. LoL on getting your ass into a cave or up a tree! Your picture looks great. Good work DB really good work.

  2. Your body might be telling you that it needs a break. I know you like the 7 day workouts (I do too), but instead of 30DS, maybe do yoga or something light. You know, like an active rest day. That way you have still done SOMETHING and your body can chill a bit. You're doing great! Also (and you may already know this but I'm gonna say it anyway) the first week or 2 on Insanity you actually GAIN weight. At least that's what everyone I've talked to who has done it says, but then the next week you lose what you gained and then some. So just don't get too upset 'cause I know if I did a program like that and the scale went up I would flip the f out!

    1. I hear ya Liz. Thank you for being so supportive and for looking out for me! It's so great. We'll see how I feel today and yoga and going for a walk may be the way I go after all!

  3. Wow! You look mavalous! I'm so proud of and
    Inspired by you. You certainly are The Best One.
    Love Mo

    1. Thanks Mo! I'm going to send you some other pictures late too.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Lucy! How are you feeling lady??

  5. "Are we being chased? If we are your better get your ass into a cave or up and tree..."

    Yes, there's zombies. Keep going, body. ;)