Wednesday, July 4, 2012

maybe Insanity, maybe not

     Another day in the books.  Since I haven't totally made my mind up yet about what is next i went back to an old fave, the Cardio 1 workout from Biggest Loser.  It's a good solid half hour that really works up a sweat.

     I have done a bit more reading on the Insanity work out and I have to say I am really scared to take it on.  It's a big thing.  60 days, 6 days a week and some really intense workouts.  I'm scared I would start and not finish and feel like a faliure, that I may get hurt, that I wouldn't improve & progress the way that I am "supposed" to, that an hour a day is a much bigger commitment then 20 minutes.  There is a meal plan that goes along with it too.  There are some cool calculations that you do to find out how many calories it takes for you to function (for me it's 1581.09) like just wake up and go about my day, that's how much energy it takes.  After another set of calculations I found that to maintain the weight that I am at now I would need to consume 2450.68 calories.  The last set of calculations brings me to 1950.68 calories which is how many I should consume to lose weight.  The meal plan recommends 5 meals thought out my day of between 300 and 400 calories.  It does also say over and over again to pay attention to your body, eat more if you feel you need to and less if you fell you need to.  I like that.  In the video/infomercial it also says over and over again it's not about how many reps or what ever that you should do, it's about digging deep and doing as many as you can, I really do like the sound of that.

     If I take on Insanity it will have me working out over my vacation with my family.  I would be doing this anyway but this seems so much more intense.  I guess I could always work out in my room.  Maybe try and load the videos up on my iPad.  Hm.  If I start Insanity, I'm starting on Sunday.  That makes my rest days on Saturdays.  

     My left wrist hurts again.  When I had to go into walking push ups today I noticed it.  I don't know what's up with that.  

     Well, I am going to get back to watching Independence Day with N.  We took a break so I could get my work out in.  Tomorrow is dinner with N's cousins and their son.  So excited to see the baby, he's getting so big!



  1. Insanity is freaking crazy! I did the fit test back in May and couldn't even make it half of the way through it! I want to do it so bad, but I'm pretty terrified, not gonna lie. The calorie calculator thing is pretty cool, I want to see what my numbers would be. Where do you go to do that?

    1. It's all broken down in the booklet that the vids come with but I googled the formula, the Harris Benedict Equation, and you can do the calculations on this site I was shocked to see that I am already eating pretty well and that it's a small change in my numbers. To maintain my weight I'd need to take in 2500 calories and to loose weight it recommends 1950. Not too bad.