Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Fun Day 125

     Fun day today!  Mo came into town to take care of some things (read: purchase some theater tickets for her and my aunt) and hang out with me for a bit.  
We started down at the Bowery Kitchen Supply in the Chelsea Market then popped over to The Container Store.  From there we grabbed lunch at Just Salad and then headed to get the tickets she was looking for.  We chatted in a Dunkin Donuts over some iced coffee, relaxed in a Starbucks for a while and then she headed back into NJ.  It's always great to see her.  

     While I was out with Mo, N texted me to let me know that our cousins that are expecting a baby in December will be having a girl!! YAYYY!!!  Babies!!!  I got super excited and jumped up and down then looked at Mo and said "who am i kidding? I'd be acting like this if they said it was a boy too!"  I just like babies.  

     Once back in Brooklyn I went my Goodwill and tried on a ton but didn't find anything I loved.  I also hit my local yarn store Knit-a-Way and got some yarn and a new crochet hook for a new project I am taking on.  (I started the pattern like six times tonight and couldn't count right so I'll give it another go tomorrow.)

     Working out tonight was rough, the video was Insanity: Pure Cardio.  Blehg!  I have been having a harder and harder time starting the videos, my mind and body are like OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!! NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN! QUICK! GO LOOK BUSY!  I mean really, I start wandering around fixing little things, nit picking crap ugh -  it is just such a pain.  I can always reel myself back in but that part of this process is just about as exhausting as the work out it self.  

     Tomorrow is a day that I have been looking forward to/dreading.  I'll be doing my work out with my gf, G, that is also doing Insanity and about a week ahead of me.  I ALWAYS assume that everyone is better then me at everything.  No matter what.  Like really.  I know that this counts as the mess inside my head but I just want to be honest about what I am thinking/going through.  G is super awesome and I know we are going to have a great time (albiet sweaty) together but I can't help but be afraid of something.  I don't even know what that something is.  He judging me?  Her being farther along then me?  Not being as strong as I want to be?  Who the f*ck knows?  I'm looking forward to it.  It's going to be INSANE!  

     I started this week out strong and already have 100% on my daily checklist for yesterday and today. BOOYAH!!  I am so winning.  


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