Tuesday, July 24, 2012

one thirty two and counting

     I managed to get in a little apartment cleaning today which was awesome.

 I like to have the place in good order before going on a vacation because there is nothing like coming home from vacation to a clean house.  5 more days until LBI! Woo!

     I had a doc appointment today.  You know, every lady's favorite.  I was in the waiting room for quite a while.  All the computers were down and everyone had to relearn how to use pen and paper.  I know that the annual visit isn't anyone's fave but I'm not going back to this place (save for the standard follow up in two or three weeks.)  I know they were having a problem but they were very disorganized regardless.  Whatevs.

     For dinner I followed a new recipe that I found for Sweet Potato Chili.  A serving (which I'm guessing is a cup) is 307 calories which is perfect for me!  I hefted a cup of this chili into a bowl and put a dab of sour cream on it and it was AMAZING!  I highly recommend this recepie it was so easy and tastes great.  N loved it too.

      Now that it is past midnight it is officially my one year wedding anniversary!!  N and I each just had a small drink from the bottle of tequila that we bought on our honeymoon in Mexico.  Wow!  A whole year later!  Eeep!  

      That's all for me tonight!  Love you all! 




  1. Happy anniversary! Haha, I was going to ask you about the hottie in the pic with you, but now I know that's the hubs, so nevermind! ;) Hope you have a great day!