Saturday, July 7, 2012

ready for the weekend

     My plan for the weekend is to get myself set up to follow the basic aspects of the Insanity meal plan for this coming week.  After all calculations are said and done it is recommended that I take in 1950 calories a day.  
That breaks down to 5 300 to 400 meals a day with a few variables to make the 1950 work.  I have researched some recipes that seem super simple and am excited to give them a try.  

     I may start reporting more about food as I take this plan on.  It will be a good way for me to keep track.  Man, eating every three hours.  That actually sounds really great.  Small bits every so often as apposed to trying to eat to keep myself full for a while.  I dig.  

     Sunday is the day for the Fit Test which is the first part of the work out.  You just see where you are at.  I've heard people talk about it and how scary it can be but I really think I can do it.  I need to take on something new.  

     This week my big goals are more structure to work out times, the 5 meals thing and sleeping more regularly.  I've felt like this whole week I've gotten to bed too late and then don't get the sleep my body is asking for.  What I am super thankful for is that sleeping tonight is kind of my body's reset.  I go to bed when I fall asleep on Fridays and the Saturday my body wakes up when it is ready and I am good to go.  I usually get a good 7 or 8 hours and am golden.  I think I am also going to start a daily check list like a few of the bloggers that I follow have.  Some follow the Weight Watchers Healthy Daily Guidelines but I think I would create my own.  Work out, drink 64 to 80oz of water, take my meds, etc.  I will also let you know where that one goes.  OK.  Bed for me.

     Enjoy your weekend, soak up some lovely sunshine and stay hydrated!


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