Saturday, July 14, 2012

rest day saturday style

     Well, I took a rest day.  A full fledged do nothing rest day.  N and I did brunch today at one of our favorite spots, Building on Bond, and took DVW with us.  We LOVE this place.  The prices are super reasonable, the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is unmatched.  

     The rest of our day was very relaxed.  I bought 2 pairs of slacks and a vest at Salvation Army for less then $15.  One of those pairs of slacks is a size 14!  The other is a 16.  The 16s fit better but the 14s are still fine.  Since my black pair of slacks no longer fit (YAYYY!) I needed to get something nice for the next assignment I may get sent on for work.  Ahhh, the glamorus life of a temp.

     N and I spent some time at The Brooklyn Strategist and N play tested the game he created.  He played one game with one of the guys that work there and 2 games with one of the kids that was just hanging around.  It was really awesome and he got some great feed back.  It's really looking like we are moving closer to getting the game published. We just need to have it copyrighted, get and intelectual properties lawyer, comission the artwork, get the game published and sell it.  Seems easy enough.  ;) 

     When I knew that they were close to done I ran across the street to get myself a celebratory (4 months working out) manicure.  May I introduce you to Essie's "Shorty Pants:"

                                Super fun and perfect for summer.

      I didn't follow my meal plan so well today but I am ok with it.  I feel good and am excited for weigh in day tomorrow, though my weigh in day during TOM can sometimes be a pain with added weight.  Either way, I'm excited.  

     Yay weekend!!



  1. I would say 75% of my closet is filled with awesome Goodwill finds - it's my #1 clothe store!

    Good luck with the game :)

    1. LOVE me some salvation army & goodwill!