Saturday, July 21, 2012

yay tee shirts!

     Managed to get my work out in today before late.  
I was done around 5:30pm which was freaking awesome.  I had way more energy then I usually do at  10pm.  

     My mini win for today was putting on a shirt that I bought 2 years ago that used to be pretty snug and today it fit amazingly.  Two years ago at PAX I bough a shirt that was a 2XL (mind you the tee is by American Apparel and all their sizes run super small) and it was snug but it was the largest they had.  It was uncomfortable for me to wear it out.  Last year when N and I went to PAX the shirt I got was XL because the different style of shirt made it fit very differently. I am happy to report that both shirts fit great.  While I still feel like the XL is too small, N says it looks great and I put a lot of stock in what he says.  Here's me in the two tees:

                                      PAX 2011 shirt- 2XL                  PAX 2012 shirt - XL

     I also followed a tutorial that I found on Pinterest on how to modify a bigger tee shirt into a work out shirt (you can go directly to the site here.)  It came out so cute!  I'm glad too!  I got this shirt for doing the Avon 5k last month but it's a kinda heavy weight tee so I don't wear it too often.  After I cut it I wore it thought a whole work out!

         Front, looks almost halter top ish               Back, all tied up &some purple sports bra action

     In other news I am sure you all heard about what happened in Colorado.  Regardless of who you pray to or what you believe please put good vibes out there for all of those that have been affected.  Also, closer to home, a young girl who I grew up with died today in a car crash.  She was the younger sister of someone who was my best friend in 2nd grade.  We all have friends like that.  You were close to them once and then for what ever reason you grew apart.  They have families and friends that you knew and grew to love.  I've said it before.  Please, tell every one you love that you love them.  Don't hold grudges, work shit out or let it go. 

     Sorry.  Happier stuff.  Tomorrow N and I are holding our First Annual Brauner Wedversary BBQ.  We'll be getting together with friends in Prospect Park between 3p & 9p so if you are in the hood you should swing by.  We hope to set up camp near one of the park grills.  So yea, come out if you can.  Yea wedversary!

     I love you guys.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for your support whether silent or spoken, I soak all of it in.  I love you and I mean it.  Good night lovelies.



  1. Great advice..."work that shit out or leave it behind". Love the tee's.

  2. Love what you did with the shirt! I am sorry for your loss and also the senseless tragedy that took place in Co....