Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 141 - No sweat.

      After days of ripping myself to pieces, today was a no sweat kind of a day.  
I didn't work out until late since today is the Cardio Recovery (Insane stretching/yoga/strength training) which is a 35 minute video.  I did that one at the foot of my bed no problem.  I made it a little father thought some of the stretches which is always a great feeling.  

      N and I got out to the beach early today.  A good chunk of my family was away for the morning on a house tour so it was nice to have some quiet on the beach for a few hours to get in some good reading.  We went in the water with my cousins and uncle and had a great morning.  We packed up and headed in before 5 for some relaxing. 

     Dinner tonight was ziti.  Hello food that I would inhale if left alone, how are you??  I had two small plates really fast then stopped.  No kidding I inhaled the 2 plates I had.  It was kind of an awful feeling. After dinner someone brought out salt water taffy and fudge.  Oh dear god.  I didn't have any of that.  I can't.  Oh damn.  So yea.  I really really thought there wasn't food out there that was a problem for me but I have been very mistaken.  It just turns out that I have kept them from my household and they are like out of sight out of mind but family get togethers bring all that food and feelings of being included FLOODING back to me.  My family doesn't really have many traditions per say but boy do we eat together.  It always blows my mind though that I'm the only one that ended up obese.  I mean I know we each deal with out shit in our own ways but I was the one that turned to food and be came a fatty.  

     I feel like crap after the pasta.  It really wasn't worth the small amount that I had but I sucked that shit down like it was crack going out of style.  Whoa.

      New day tomorrow.  Today's been really good.  Thank you for reading and supporting!