Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 143 - Last full day down the shore

     It's always so sad when a vacation comes to an end.
 Today was our last full day down here in LBI, we'll take off early tomorrow.  We had a late start to our day today watching Federer and del Porto play one hell of a game of Tennis.  After that I kicked and screamed when N suggested that I work out.  Ugh.  I am so over working out on vacation.  I didn't really push and I sat out the stuf required a ton of jumping and went easy on the push ups because my wrist is hurting again.  Bah.

     We were out on the beach from noon until almost 6pm.  It was so great.  We went in the water, sat on the beach, read and chatted.  At one point the under current was so tough I actually got pulled in my a lifeguard.  He was a really nice kid.  I was thankful to have him there to help.  He had to go out and get a few other people because I guess the drag got so bad really quickly.  All is good though.

     After that I sat in the sand right where the water came up and I gave myself a mini spa treatment.  I rubbed the cool sand and water all over my legs and my feet.  I REALLY scrubbed.  I did my hands and forearms too.  OMG, after I shaved my legs are SO SMOOTH!  Woulda cost me a million bucks at a spa, lol.  Gotta love the beach!

     So sad that this trip is coming to a close, it's been such a great week.  Soon it's back to the real world, bills, job hunt and all that mess.  Hope you are all doing well.  xoxo

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