Wednesday, August 8, 2012

day 148, a mish mosh of stuff

     Have you even been in that place where there are lots of things going on and at the same time there is nothing going on?
 I feel like that is where I have been now for a while, maybe 3 weeks?  I mean I've been working out every day and eating really well, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, I lost weight on vacation which is huge.  Other then that, ain't shit going on.  I've been feeling like I'm just existing lately.  I have stuff that I do and stuff to do and then I do it and then it begins again.  Kind of like a cycle of meh.  

     I am on the job hunt.  Today I interviewed at an upscale gym in BFE Manhattan, West 64th and the water.  How can there be a BFE in Manhattan you ask?  When you are closer to the river then you are a train startion you are in BFE.  All I kept thinking was "I am never walking all the way out here if it snows.  Or rains. Or gets too hot."  Luckily they have more then just that location.  I really nailed the interview which I think I always do.  I spoke to Mo & N before I went in to make sure that I wanted walking in there with any preconceived BS in the background.  Did they guy think I was perfect for the job?  Of course, I'm awesome.  Is he down with the fact that I don't do weekends?  Probs not.  It doesn't pay so well but there is room to grow which is nice.  What ever, if they are interested they know how to reach me.

     Tomorrow I am going to spend a good amount of my day getting my resume out there.  I want to apply to at least 10 decent places and have some other people look at my resume to tell me what it needs to zaz it up.  I really need like a good office manager gig or consulting gig to present itself to me. (You hear me Universe?!) 

     When ever I am out of work for a while with nada on the horizon I get a little wacky.  I want to work and make some monies but I DO NOT want a shittay job, been there done that cried multiple times before going to work (::coughPhotogeniccough::) 

     Got my work out in.  Kinda just blahed my may though.  Only 2 more days of the recovery week and then on to the 2nd month of INSANITY.  Sunday is another fit test, measurements, pics and weigh in.  I am going to be in PA visiting my Dad so I am considering my options.  I'm either going to pack my iPad with the 2 workouts I need (yep, TWO! The fit test and another work out!!!  AHHHH!!!) and then I can have my Dad help me with my measurements and then weigh in on Monday OR do the work outs Sunday and record all the fit test stuff and then do measurements and weigh in on Monday.  The latter is sounding better to me.  Ah well, cross that bridge when I get there.  

     Hope you're week's going well.



  1. I've been feeling a little blah myself. The summer is almost over and I eel like I have done NOTHING. Sigh. This too shall pass. Good luck on the job hunt!