Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 156

This has been a crumby blog week for me.  I just haven't been making it a priority and it's starting to show.

Today was a hard day work out wise.  I donated platelets and found out after the donation that I shouldn't work out today.  I would have figured that if I had given whole blood.  When you donate platelets they only take the platelets (what makes your blood clot) and you get the red blood back.  I thought I'd only have to wait like 2 hours.  Nope.  So the plan that N came up with was that I set a timer when I felt ready to workout so that if I wasn't feeling well inside the work out the alarm would snap me back to reality.  It did just that.  The whole time I was like I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine but my head was foggy and I was getting dizzy.  My alarm went off right between the end of the stretch and the beginning of the workout proper. I sat down.  Then I laid down.  It was fr the best and I know that in an intellectual way but still feel like a bum for it.  My plan is to make it up.  

Went out to dinner tonight and had a pasta dish.  The salad dishes were all tiny and the fish dishes were huge (and expensive) so I opted for the pasta with mushrooms dish.  It was ok.  It's funny, they less I seek pasta out the less I care for it when I do get it, but something really strange happens.  I still inhale it.  I devoured my pasta and I'm not entirely sure why.  I wasn't that hungry and it wasn't that good.  It was strange.  I didn't really even think of it until it was gone.  

Tomorrow I get to try all over again.  



  1. Hmm. I've never donated platelets before, sounds like it would be dizzying thing for sure. Chin up - it's a new day!