Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Caught Up

     I'm not actually behind on anything (except for reading my blogs) I just kind of feel that way. 
I was away this weekend and that just has me feeling all over the place.  First things first, I will do my weigh in tomorrow morning.  For what ever reason I only like getting on the scale first thing when I get up.  N helped me with measurements tonight since my month and the need for measurements for Insanity were just a day a part so we did those today.  I didn't do the fit test today, I will do that tomorrow.  Double workout!  Bugh.  That was supposed to be today but today was not a work out for an hour and a half kind of day.  

     I did do the 1st work out in the 2nd month of Insanity.  Holy shitsnacks.  That was nuts.  Was hard as hell.  I cried a lot, shouted a bunch, pushed really hard and then was just toast at the end.  My brain was just like OK! WE ARE DONE HERE - MOVE. ON.  lol  

      Oh! Also, I totally forgot to blog yesterday!  I am so sorry, this is what happens when I don't have my check list (which was 98% this week, btw) so moving forward I need to have maybe something on my phone or travel check list or what ever so I am good for when I am out of town.  

     I was at a shower on Saturday and then went to stay with my Dad for the weekend.  He's the coolest.  Just sayin'.  We hung out, had some good food and talked a bunch.  Him & his gf took me to 2 really cool places to eat while I was there.  We went to Blue Sage for dinner last night, it's a cute little vegetaran grille with some yummy stuff and today we went to my new favorite spot called Bryn And Dane's.  Please take a sec to go to their site and read their store.  I adored this place and it's food and the way they do business. If they ever want to come to Brooklyn I would run that place in a heartbeat.  ADORE.  Can I also take a second to sat YAY DADDIE-O! 1) He has been eating really well and you can tell.  My dad's no spring chicken but his eating is really improving and I am excited for the food choices he's making and 2) In 12 days he'll be taking off on what I believe is fulfilling a long time (if not life time) dream of his to ride cross country on his Harley!  How freaking cool is that?!  Am I scared?  Sure, but I always worry about my parents.  I am so freaking happy that he's getting to do this and making the trip with his gf.  SO COOL DAD! (lol, I know he's reading)

     OK, I think I'm all caught up on saying stuff.  Tomorrow I will have more stuff to report.  Hope your weekend was ah-ma-zing.  

     xoxo lovelies.

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