Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday N! (day 142)

     Today I woke up down the shore and my husband was 29!  
Who's life is this?! LOL!!  My bum of a husband has had his birthday down the shore every year since we've been together.  The one year we weren't down the shore we were in Mexico on our honeymoon.  He has quite the life.  He means the absolute world to me and deserves everything and every amount of happiness there is to have.  We are best friends, lovers, confidants and partners in crime.  He is my total support and just so freaking handsome!

     This morning we borrowed my uncle's car and drove out to Barneget to rent kayaks!  We rented them for 2 hours and had just a blast.  It was so hard and I got really frustrated a couple times that I couldn't fight the current in the Bay but it was great.  I had a hard time getting into my kayak (read I fell out of my kayak into the bay) so I swam it over to a sandbar where it was easier to get in from.  We paddled around and it was just so pretty.  We weren't able to take any pictures because neither of us wanted to chance it with our phones & we couldn't find one of those waterproof disposables.  No matter.  I collected some trash from the water and did my good deed for the day.  I would say we were out for about an hour fifteen, hour thirty.  Here is a pic of N still out in the water.  I came in a few minutes before him because I was so exhausted.

      We came back from kayaking and headed right out to the beach.  I wasn't out there for 15 minutes before I fell asleep.  I napped for like 20 minutes then headed back to the house.  Man I was wiped out!    N, Mo and I got dinner from the Beach Haven Fishery and I made N his favorite dessert, cherry cobbler, for dessert.  We got those cool candles where the flames are all different colors, they were cool.  Here's N blowing out his candles.

     I did not do my Insanity work out today and I am ok with that.  I still got my work out in kayaking.  Tomorrow I will figure out what to do.  Two workouts in one day?  Just move to tomorrow's work out?  I will work that out tomorrow.  

     Today was such a great day.  Ugh, just love it.  (and N!)


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