Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home again, home again...

Jiggity jigg.
Today we left LBI. N & I got up early to get in another hour and a half on the beach before we had to go. We had the whole place to ourselves and it was just amazing.

When it was time to take off we hopped I the car with my uncle and his fiancé and we shopped at a few places as we left the island. I got a really cute pair of earrings. We made it home in what felt like no time at all. N and I unpacked everything right away which was awesome.

I didn't work out today. Weigh in is tomorrow morning. I would love to lose but I can't promise that I did. I will be ok with whatever shows on the scale. I did amazing for being on vacation.

Hope you're all well! xoxo

--this entry typed on my phone from bed so please excuse any misspellings or silly typing errors--