Monday, August 20, 2012

Jump Starting the week

     Early work out today!!  It was so awesome to get up and get my workout out of the way!  
My alarm went off at 7am and I was working out by 20 after, not a bad turn around.  I made sure to leave myself a bunch of extra time today since the video for today was 60 minutes.  It was kind of hard to workout on an empty stomach but not too bad.  

     I started working again today.  The temp agency called to let me know that the memorial wanted me back for the stock room position for a few weeks so I agreed.  In addition to just folding shirts in the basement I'm also helping out on the floor which really helps to break up my day.  It's a pain (it's retail) but it's work and I really need it.  I'm sore from being on my feet so much today but I can tell I am stronger then I was when I left about a month ago.

     So that video I did yesterday was kind of great for me.  I loved being able to share so directly.  I felt a little silly with my notes and being in a room talking to myself but I felt honest, you know?  I can't hide behind the words when you can actually see and hear me.  I'm thinking I may do videos on Sundays for weekly recaps.  We'll see.  What did you think?

     I went to try on some pants today and I can finally say that I am I size 14!  I'd tried on some a little while ago but they pulled really badly, but today they fit!  SIZE 14!! That's a size you can buy in most regular stores!  That is so freaking cool.  Sadly they are still a bit uncomfortable because it's...  um... still over the fat.  When you're fat your fat touches you.  My stomach hangs over my upper lady part area and touches me (WAY LESS THEN IT USED TOO THOUGH!!!  WOOO!!!) so when pants fit at the waist there is an overhang going on underneath.  It make clothes look strange, like they don't lay correctly and it's true.  It's the big difference between being an actual proportionally sized 14 and being a fat 14 (or what ever the size may be.)  I do love the way that I am looking in clothes right now but I am still super self conscience about that area and prefer tunic type tops while things get smoothed out.  ANY WAY....  Back to the point!  I. am. a. size. 14!!!  That is the bottom rung for what we refer to as plus size clothes and the top out for some  that we call. standard size clothing. As far as I am concerned they are all just sizes, no pluses no standards.

     I am exhausted today and I love it! I am beat from working and working out.  I love a day where I fell like I got things done and having my work out over and done with before 9am was AWESOME!

     Hope the beging of the week is treating you well!  

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