Thursday, August 30, 2012

thank you

The comments on my post yesterday were just out of this world.
 Zub, I had no idea you were reading, thank you so much for your incredibly kind and inspiring post.  Lucy, thank you.  We've never met but I swear we are two peas from the same pod.  Thank you for your amazing words and support.  Liz, you are just so great and I don't know how to say it to you enough.

Thank you to everyone else who read.  I really can't say that enough.

I gave Insanity another shot today with the recovery video and I think it may have been my last.  As everyone posted yesterday I need to find what I love.  Insanity is not that.  It has done the most incredible things to my body but it is not for me, especially not this 2nd month of the program.  

More running is in order.  The cool weather is upon us and that is just what I need to get me out the door and jogging.  I've been considering bringing what I need to run with me to work because there is a beautiful path along the Hudson River.  Monday I may begin that.  

Tomorrow N and I are heading down the shore to stay with Sz for the weekend.  Down there I can jog on the boardwalk or on the street.  I like that. 

Ok.  Packing, food prep and bedtime.  :)

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  1. Aww, you're great too, and you inspire me when I need it the most. Enjoy your weekend! I'm going to attempt to hit the shore with the kids tomorrow myself, hoping it's not too packed.