Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wednesday?  Holy crap! All day I thought it was Tuesday!  (dunno why) That's so cool.  YAY!!

    So, this morning was another struggle with my morning work out.  It sucks! It's the perfect time.  I'm not bothering anyone, it's total me time.  It doesn't interfere with other plans.  My brain isn't quite wired on straight so I don't fight myself much but I shut down so quickly.  It's like I don't even get a say in the matter.  I am finishing out the week like this, it's been so much better then trying to get the work out in after a full day of work.  Ugh.  Come on brain!  Tomorrow is the split work out Cardio & Abs.  I'm only going for the cardio in the morning and I can do the abs video at night, it's only 20 minutes.

     Worked my bum off again today.  Up and down the stairs a few times and twice carrying a 30lb box.  Which N reminded me is about how much I've lost!!! AHHHH!!!  That box was flucking heavy.  Wow.  

     So I met new people today!  ::anxiety::  They are friends of our friends M&S.  :holding my breath:  They were so sweet!  ::good lord meeting new people just turns me inside out!::  Do they think I'm funny?  Am I too serious? Am I too quiet? Do they think I'm fat?  Great I'm the fat friend.  Always.  Then inside of trying not to be awkward I do awkward things like not look at people or walk away too fast when they are being just so sweet!  AHHHHHH!!  I think that string of ideas always runs though my head when I meet new people.  Especially the fat thing.  Woof.  Know what this new person I've never met before (N has, just not me) said to me?  I'm really so impressed by all the work you've done losing weight or something close to that.  She was so earnest.  Wow.  How'd you know was all I could thing.  N was like dude, you're friends with M&S on facebook and you post your blog all the time.  Oh right.  Duh.  I still always forget that people are reading and not just reading but following.  

     To the lovely people out there like my new best bud Mk...  I am so sorry that I am so CRAZY!  I adore you but fuck man I freak out meeting new people and this weight loss thing is HUGE for me but at the same time still so small and personal, so please forgive me for seeming like a crack pot.  

     OK.  I must to bed!  



  1. Meeting new people causes me a lot of anxiety too, so don't feel to bad. I'm always wondering what they think of me.

    1. It should be awesome then when we finally sit down together! LOL!