Sunday, August 26, 2012

What a day...

This morning I ran The Happiest 5k on Earth, the Color Run. I ran the race in 44:39 which is my best time so far. That's so amazing considering I walked a good deal and I slowed down a lot to get covered in color and I may or may not have stopped, dropped and rolled through the blue. :)

I had a really good time and can't believe I beat my last time by 5 minutes and the last time I really ran was the last 5k I did. I think I've run twice since then. I was so scared going alone. Not because I was afraid of anything in particular, just that I didn't have any one there to support me but me and I had what must have been like the feeling I used to get before I ran or performed a show. Excitement/anxiety/adrenalin. When I ran shows, if I didn't get that feeling something was up and I usually made a mistake so I am going to take it as a good sign.

After a very long commute back to my apartment I took a crazy long shower and am still not free of all my color. It should be gone in a few days and luckily it's in my back (in the shape of my sports bra, lol.) N and I packed up and headed straight for Penn station where we took the train out to Secaucus. Alx picked us up and we headed into the Catskills to the campground that his family owns, Skyway.

We are here through til tomorrow and I am just in heaven. I love nature. It's so beautiful up here. Alx lent us his gear and stuff so we are all set with tents and sleeping bags. Tonight was their annual Corn & Keg Fundraiser. They serve grilled corn and beer for free and for $1 you get a bowl of chili. There are a handful of kinds of chili and you buy a bowl for each type you'd like to try and all the money goes to St. Jude's. I had one bowl of Veggie Chili and 2 ears of corn. They were so incredible. Soaked in water over night and grilled in the husk. So. Good.

Now we are in the game room and N is playing his game with Alx, Alx's cousin and Alx's dad. Very cool.

I'm fading fast, I've been up since 6am. I don't anticipate sleeping too well tonight but the night will be so enjoyable being outside.

Good night loves.



  1. I give your props for running. I hate running, and don't think I could ever learn to love it!

  2. I must be hungry! I read about the grilled corn, bowl of chili and my mouth started watering-lol! Great job on beating your score!!!!