Sunday, September 30, 2012

200th Day! (saturday 9/29/12)

     Oh, yea, you know.  200 days since I started working out, no biggie.  
J/K!  Big biggie!  N and I started our day out with a morning jog.  It stunk, too many people out and about, lol.  We brunched with Alx in the West Village then I ran up to the UWS to get a pedicure (in Essie's Tomboy No More) with my aunt-to-be (AJ!) and some of her lady friends.  It was super fun, it was the beginning of her bachelorette party.  She had on a white and pink cowboy hat, it was super cool.  I headed back to Brooklyn to start getting ready for the big run tomorrow!  N made his famous vodka sauce and we had it over past which I normally do not eat so I was in heaven.  It was all so yummy, need those carbs to burn tomorrow morning!

      I should be in bed but of course I am too excited to sleep.  

      200 days of kicking my own butt.  I don't think I could be happier.  I mean funks and all.  Putting me first has be just outstanding.  

      Thank you again to everyone that donated to the T2T fund!  I passed my goal a 2nd time and raised $303!!  WOO!!  Will post pics tomorrow!

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