Monday, September 17, 2012

back to monday

     Back at work and back to routine today.
 It feels good, my eating/sleeping/living can get wacky on weekends, with less structure I tend to go long periods without eating, which is never good.  Today eating was better but tomorrow I should be right on point eating like 5 or six times, lol.  

     Today was more or less a rest day, I stretched a lot.  Did some stuff from memory, somethings I saw in a magazine and one or two things from YouTube.   I bought myself compression calf sleeves and they are beautius.  Not to mention make my calves feel amazing.  I bought them in obnoxious-couldn't-miss-me-if-you-tried orange. So my style.  I cannot wait to take them for a spin tomorrow.  

     I've been looking for other 5k's to fill the gap between now and November. I found one in October I may do.  It's only $30, benefits the NY Aquarium and is on the Coney Island Boardwalk.  That sounds so nice.  I'll probably register for that one at the end of the week.  Who am I kidding? lol

     Slow start to the week.  I like that.  For now I am tired and going to give my body the sleep it is looking for.  ::yawn::  love you!


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