Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 183

     This is my new favorite thing ever.   I found it while tooling around on Pinterest and fell in love.  After I went to bed last night at 10pm I was nervous that I'd either wake up SUPER early and be really upset or that I'd still be exhausted.  NOPE!  I got my but up and out the door this morning at 6:30am and did two and a quarter miles!  HELLS YES!!  All day was just so freaking sweet because my run was done.  No stress no worry, just done.

     To reward myself for my awesome run and my up coming 6-month-workingout-versary I entered the NYRR Dash to the Finnish Line 5k!  It takes place the Saturday before the NYC Marathon and you run the last 5K of the actual course.  Let me say that again... The day before the NYC Marathon I will get to run across the same finish line that some of the most incredible people in the world have done before me and will do the following day.  I am so freaking stoked! 

     I am thinking I'm going to hit the hay early again because that morning run was just great!

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