Monday, September 3, 2012

day one seventy five

  Tonight I asked N what he thought about all this business with me blogging.
 Was it weird for him?  He replied that it's like me having another friend that I can really clear my head with and vent out all my thoughts while at the same time he get the transcript to the conversation that I had with that friend.  He pointed out that I share a lot with him but I share even more in the log, probably because I get so present to all the things that I am dealing with (good, bad or indifferent) that more comes out.  I can see that.  Just sitting here looking at my monitor I can say what ever I want to and I don't have to worry about how my monitor and keyboard are going to feel about what I have to say.  It's pretty great.  

     N did the fit test for Insanity today. He wants to start working out to bulk up a bit.  He will not be doing Insanity.  The fit test kicked his ass.  He also let me know how much more respect for me he has ow having done that.  I liked that.

     I started new hours at work today, going in at 9 versus 10am and I am super sleepy.  I do need to adjust and start going to bed sooner.  

     So today I did Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred and, can I tell you, it was like a warm up.  That was really a great ay for me to see how strong I have gotten.  A work out that used to really wipe me out was hardly like what I would do to start a workout.  LOVE it.  That plus 4lbs down plus my new size 12s and I am feeling good today!



  1. Smaller sizes always make me feel good! :-)

  2. That's great! While I have been working out and doing some strength training, it's nothing compared to what Jillian used to give me. I did Ripped in 30 yesterday for the first time in a while and the strength portions really kicked my butt.