Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Early pic.

Getting ready this morning I threw on my new sweatshirt from work. I'd asked for a sweatshirt when the new staff was getting them. This is the one I picked. I Love NY with the memorial logo on the sleeve. It's a medium. Save for in HS when I fell in love with and confiscated a hood from my bf, it is the only medium hood I have ever owned. It feels so amazing to be in a nice warm hoodie and it be a medium!! Ahhhhh!!!


  1. thats great that you are getting a juicer too..my only warning is once u start to juice u lose weight like crazy but if u go back to eatin some if it comes back on ...i have only every lost 10 pounds when i did it b4 for 10 days but when i went back to eating i gained it back and more so u have to be careful ....i get all my juices from the reboot website u can try googling juice reboot and it should come up

    i love the apple spinjach and banana have it everyday 4 breakfast
    throughout the day i will have orange juice too
    i do a mean green which is spinach celery and lemon
    i like to add spinach to alot of things and i even eat it too but just plain

    coming up with different juices can be difficult
    if u try the green stuff try lemon and ginger with it or lime it just taste better

    i also make plain watermelon or carrot juice
    or just eat it like today i ate honeydew

    its basically eat or juice veggies adn fruit all day and u should be good if you want eat some chicken too i had that last night with cauliflower abd carrots if you feel u neeed some meat it it just no white starchy carbs or processed things and you lose weight
    i drink cocunut water soemtimes as well

    i wish u the best of luck

    and oh yea no i am not really hungry ever after the 3rd day it gets really easy to do actually at some point i may mess up but this time i will get right back on track hopefully adn not letit spiral out of control like last time i went back to starchy processed things that were i had my downfall i was almost feeling deprived and then went overboard i gained a ton then