Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday - 199

I am really super close to hitting the new goal for my race!  
I upped my goal to $301 since I passed my original goal of $250.  $301 will make me the highest fundraiser on my team which, not that I am being competitive, would be freaking sweet!  Thank you again to those that donated: Kranpa, UM&AC, my lovely in-laws, daddie-o (twice?!), Jordo & H, Ellen & Leah!!  Wow, really, thank you.  I am now only $38 from being the biggest baddest captain and top fundraiser for my team.  Let make this happen!

Today I didn't do anything.  Weigh in on Sunday is going to be high.  I heard that I inspired someone to work out today and that is just too cool.  It always shocks me, especially when I am off my game.  

Running, laundry, pedicure, race prep, at home pasta dinner and early bedtime tomorrow.  

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