Wednesday, September 19, 2012

gurguly wednesday

      I woke up a few times last night not feeling so hot. 
Gas pains maybe?  Sorry for the TMI.  I finally got up just before my alarm and spent a good deal of time in the bathroom.  I almost called out of work.  Instead I just called in late to give myself some time to recover and to see if I was going to be able to spend a whole day at work where there is only one bathroom.  I went in and did ok.  

     I've been feeling generally gurguly all day and did end up leaving work early as well.  I came home and got straight in bed.  I slept for an hour.  I set an alarm so I could go jog right around when N would be setting out for home.  It was a slow start but I managed to get out the door.  My jog was less than stellar but I got it in.  I don't know my distance as I quit out of my Couch to 5k app before the work out was done.  I'm still counting the work out, it just wasn't worth tracking.  I will give Week 6 Day 2 another shot tomorrow.

     It was laundry day today.  So glad to wash my workout clothes, damn those things get smelly and fast.  I chucked my armband in with the wash too as it has been turning my arm colors since The Color Run, lol.  I wanted to make sure that thing is clean as can be before I put it on over my new while pullover.  I threw the calf sleeves in too even though they are only 2 runs old, it's better to just have everything on the same schedule.

     Even after my nap I am still totally ready for bed now.  Yikes.  I am really glad that I toughed it out and made the effort to jog and walk today.  That did a lot for my mood and overall feeling about my progress.

     Time for bed, eyes are fading.  


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  1. awesome job ......if i went to bed when i was sick id never get back up lol..wtg!!!