Sunday, September 23, 2012

late night saturday post

     My search for a dress to wear to my uncle's wedding in October was not completed today.  
N and I hit a bunch of really great places but I didn't find anything for me.  It's been a much different experience trying on dresses then the past.  I've really been reaching for everything even if I think it may not quite fit.  It isn't about the number on the dress being a hinder to me.  When I see a size 8 I'm not like BLAAAAHHH!!!  RAWRRRR!!!  I'm just like oop, nope. not yet.  Fancy dresses seem to run really small so I tried on some 14s that didn't fit but I wasn't dejected I was just like oh yea, these numbers done actually mean anything, I'm probs in a 16/18 or 18/20 in fancy dress sizes, you know?  It was really a positive experience even thought I didn't end up with a dress. The only store I felt put out in was the one were they didn't even have things in a size 10.  I was like WTF is this palce?! And I had a holy fuck moment were I was like damn, it's all still the same.  I don't even fit in the biggest size they have here.  But then I came to my senses.  

     N and I jogged again today.  He's really excited for the Tunnel to Towers run on Sunday.  I am too.  I have  NSVs for today!  #1) I jogged for 25 minutes.  In a row. At one time. Me. Holy shitsnacks.  I did an amazing job breathing out of my nose only so as not to wind myself but when I checked my phone to see how much longer I had to go and it sai only 5 minutes I took a huge breath in through my mouth and thought I was toast.  I called Mo and was like TALK TO ME FOR THREE MINUTES, I was panting and horrified I may stop running "tell me how proud you are of me." She did.  Ugh.  I was so exhausted I could barely even cry all the incredible things she said to me.  I love you so much Mo.  Like not kidding.  I knew it's what I needed, I reached out for it and got it.  It works people.  I ran for 25 damn minutes.  #2) I ran down and turned around under the BQE.  That's a distance thing for me.  I did 2.35 miles and managed to get under the BQE to turn around.  So freaking awesome!

     OK, I'm wiped out.  Hope to run in the park tomorrow :)  


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