Saturday, September 22, 2012

missed thursday, late friday

     Woops!  Sorry I spaced out there!
Thursday was so great, I got really caught up and blogging totally slipped my mind!  Yesterday after I was done at work I changed into my running gear and high tailed it for Prospect Park.  I met a friend from work there and we were going to go through the part together.  She rides a bike.  We knew we weren't going to be able to stay together but that so wasn't the point.  My run in the park was INCREDIBLE.  I loved it so much but I was a little disoriented at first which was weired.  Since I wasn't crossing the street every 4 seconds or avoiding pedestrian and car traffic I didn't have a good idea of how far I'd gone or how much farther I had to go.  I paced down since I was in a new area and I really wanted to take it all in, that and the park is hilly.  Running on the road though was just so awesome, no one was in your way or really crossing against you.  I mean I was being passed by other runners but that was no big thing.  I did get lost a little.  Running in a straight line.  When my app said that I was "Half way there!"  I decided to just turn around since I didn't really know where I was.  Then at one point I thought I passed the entrance to the park so I was like "oh! I've got 5 minutes left in my run, I'll pass the entrance and then walk back for the 5 minute cool down."  Even though another part of me was like "wait? how'd I get back here so fast?" Yea, I was all kinds of not where I thought I was.  I had to call my friend and tell her to come get me.  When I looked at the gps map on my phone I was like "WTF?! Where the hell...  how did I? There is no way I'm... ::ugh::" "Just come get me, I'm near the Pavilion"

     We sat out side of the park entrance I thought was the main entrance for a while talking and she was like do you just want to come back to my place and we'll figure out dinner?  I was like oh hells yes.  So we made the 10 minute walk back, had some water then headed out to a cute place called Luna Burrito.  IT WAS SO GOOD.  I had a hijiki seaweed burrito.  Go ahead a read that again.  Yep.  Hijiki seaweed burrito.  It was so incredible.  We sat and talked there for quite a few hours and it was amazing.  We had a great time.  By the time I headed home I was really tired and just popped into bed.   Good stuff.

     Today turned into a rest day.  After work I went out with another girlfriend to do some shopping at Atlantic Center.  There's a Target, Old Navy, Pay/Half, Burlington Coat Factory, Pathmark, Best Buy, T.J. Maxx (or Marshall's) and some other random crap in there.  It's kinda an NYC mall.  Anywho.  We hit a few shops in there and by the end we were both wiped out.  She headed out for a long train ride out to another area in Brooklyn and I walked home.  I crapped out on going for a run today.  I'm ok with that.  

     I do believe that gets us all caught up.  Oh! Wait!  N signed up for a 5k!  He's going to be running Tunnel to Towers too!!  He was like wow, I really want to see the inside of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, I could so do that 5k! So there you have it!  My hubs is running a 5k!  :::muah-ha-ha::: I have created a monster!!  

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