Wednesday, September 5, 2012


     Blugh.  That's probably the best way to explain how I feel.  
TOM started today.  Makes sense, I have been scatter brained and hungry all day.  No I feel like poo.  I haven't worked out today and I don't plan on it either.  

     I had a great dinner out tonight with a friend that I don't see often enough.  Her and I always get along so well.  There is tons of laughter and we are really honest and real with each other which is always the best.  She told me a story tonight that was so funny, I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe.  I love that.  

     OK, Tomorrow.  Working backwards from the end of my day...  I want to be able to get into bed at 11:00 should I so choose.  So then...  bedtime routine done by 11pm, food prep done before 10:30pm and working out done by 10.  Ideally: work out as soon as I'm home from work, eat dinner, prep food be done with it.  I need to get back into a routine.  I feel thrown off by my new work schedule even though it's really only different by an hour.  It's the fact that it's the earlier hour so I need to be up earlier and would love to be in bed earlier.  I also bring so much food with me to work every day.  I eat ALL DAY it feels like.  When I don't I seem to get wacky.  All that plus hormones and I'm feeling all over the place. 

     Now it's midnight.  Blugh. 

      3 goals by bed time.  I promise Mo.

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