Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Running in the rain

     Running in the rain seriously makes me feel so cool.
 I mean like really.  While I was walking home from work today Mo told me that the weather was going to go south real soon so if I was going to run I better go do it.  I heeded her advice.  I changed as quickly as I could, my new calf sleeves aren't the easiest things to pull on but they are worth every penny I paid for them.  Also any color of orange you see will do no justice to the phosphorescent color I have.  ::adore::

     Most of my run was fine, but it got dark very fast.  Once it started to rain it was already totally dark out.    I jogged through most of my cool down so as to not get drenched much more and that resulted in 2.74 miles!  Another record for me!  WOO!!

     So I went ahead and registered for the Tower to Tunnel Run at the end of the month.  What an amazing  run it'll be.  Turns out there are some other people from work that have created a team and I am joining them!  Yay!  I have a page if you are so moved to donate.  You can access that here.  The money raised goes to supporting children that have lost a parent in the line of duty and also to building Smart Homes for quadruple amputees (wounded in action).  If everyone that reads my blog donated $2.00 the money would add up quickly and do so much good.  Even if you don't donate, thank you for checking it out and thinking about it.  Your support is amazing. 

     Time for food prep, shower and bed.  

     Good night loves.



  1. awesome job on the weight loss so far ....i'm starting my journey again tomorrow ive just been goin up and down and hopefully following you i can find some inspiration and motivation keep up the great work