Thursday, September 6, 2012

thursday things

     I went on a jog with my husband tonight.  
That is the first time I have ever said that sentence.  I have to admit it sounds funny in my head to put all those words together.  I'm someone who jogs.  I have a husband.

     Now it wasn't all peaches and gravy.  We walked the first 5 minutes together and jogged the first 3 after that, walked another 2 and then when I couldn't complete the next run he could just keep going.  I was stunned.  He jogged and jogged and then I could't see him any more.  After my shock I moved straight to anger.  I mean wtf?  He could just jog for a half and hour and I've been struggling and am thankful when I make it to 5 minutes of jogging.  I called Mo to get cleared up but I couldn't really get there.  I cried a little, she reminded me that it was TOM and that maybe I was a bit more upset today then I may be, say 6 days from now.  Meh.  When we got off the phone I had already picked up the pace.  Then I noticed that my stride was really big and that I was booking it.  I was running at a pace just a few seconds over 10 minutes/mile.  Whoa.  I felt amazing. Everything moved the way it needed to.  My hands and shoulders were relaxed and my legs just totally went for it.  I ran like that in one minute bursts back home, stopping only to check the pace on my phone.  My head was perfectly clear.  I told N about what I had been upset about and we bot laughed.  I mean come on, he is his father's son and his dad is a Runner.  Yes, capital R.  He doesn't run so much anymore but he used to and is a huge inspiration to me.  When I have questions about running, races, training, etc I turn to him and my mother-in-law first.  They are the good stuff.  

     Anywho.  All else is good.  Lunch is made, work out is done and even my bed time routine is done and it isn't even 10:30!  It feels really good.  What doesn't feel good?  My cramps (duh) and my blister under a blister under a blister.  Yes, you read that correctly.  OMG.  I can't feel it when I run but I can feel it when I stand and walk.  AHHH!  My pinky toes both kind of tuck under the next toe over and the initial blister was were the 2 rubbed but only on the baby toe, the 2nd was partially under that and partially on the tip of the toe,  the 3rd and oh dear god final one is under that.  AH!  

     I think that's it.  I'm gonna pack up my lunch and finish my water bottle and go to bed!!!  YAAAAAY!



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