Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tunnel to Towers: As told in pictures

N and I arrive at the Ikea parking lot in Red Hook to drop off our bag then walk about 6 or 8 blocks to the starting line/entrance to the tunnel.  We grabbed bagels in the morning at the deli on the corner of Atlantic and Nevins and caught a cab to Ikea, we were there in no time flat.  

After the start at 9:30am it still took us couple of minutes to make it to the starting line, but once we were there, were were off!  Running though the toll lanes straight into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

In the tunnel there were tons of people running and walking.  Every now and then you would come up to a bottle neck.  The cause of that bottle neck was a Wounded Warrior.  Tri or Quadriplegic. 
Following in the footsteps.  
There really aren't words (and sadly no photos.) 
I have never screamed so hard in my life as I did for those men & women.  

Men (and women) ran in full gear.  We saw fire fighters, service men from all branches and department of corrections in full riot gear.  It was outstanding.  

Coming to the Manhattan side of the tunnel was heaven, when the cool air hit you, you felt like a whole new person.  There was a stunning view of Tower 1. 
I hadn't cried in a while too so I was feeling great.

Then there were members of the FDNY in dress blues.  Shoulder to shoulder.  343 to be exact.  Each with a banner around their neck of one of the NYC Firefighters that lost their lives on 9/11.  
Sobbed for their entire length, I had to walk.  

There was also Navy color guard to cheer us on.  
The men and women that keep us safe cheering us on for a 5K. Damn dude.

Then for at least the 5th time now you pass some one with no legs and only one arm.  The are determined, they are focused, they are fucking heros there to make a difference.  Of course I cry my face off again.


Finally the finish line is in site and you know that one more day in your life has been lived.  All arms, all legs and safe.  For fucks sake, how do we ever complain about anything?  

N and I both signed the banner of people that ran today.  
Mine is the db in a circle and N's is in blue, top left corner.  

From there was brunch and the home.
There was a two hour nap.
Then good times out with friends.  
Feeling rested and like a million damn dollars we got schnazzed up and went out.  
Thanks to Mo for my lovely new yellow sweater!  
Pink tights, yellow sweater, blue scarf... happiness is.  

To top it all off I lost weight this week.  
0.2lbs down from last week
37.1lbs total loss

Life, my dear readers, is good.


  1. congrats on the weight loss....awesome pics!!! hittting the like button a hundred times !!!!!