Friday, September 14, 2012


     Today I did Week 5 Day 3 of Couch to 5k!  
It was a 5 minute warm up walk 20 MINUTES OF JOGGING and a 5 minute cool down walk.  I did the whole thing!!!  I jogged super slow and paced myself the whole time because I really wanted to make sure I did all 20 minutes.  So freaking awesome!  

     I am considering a yoga class this weekend.  I have a few yoga studios around me to pick from.  Of course the one on my corner has the crapiest schedule ever, I swear they hold classes just when they feel like it.  The other two are cheaper but a bit more of a hike to get to.  We'll see.  I could so use it.  

     I haven't felt well most of the day.  Had a killer headache this morning that made me nauseous.  It took a large coffee and ibuprofen to put that in check.  Other then that I've felt generally blah all day.  My stomach has been on and off feeling very :SDJHfvaiubf but I think that's from my run.  

     Tomorrow I'd like to get in another morning or evening jog as the weather is just so freaking perfect for it!  Bed time for me soon!  


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