Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weigh In - Day 187

-2.8lbs from last week
-38.1 total loss!!

     Oh yea!! That's what I am talking about!  6 months in and 38.1lbs down!!  Whoa yea!  Check out my body stats above to see all the inches I've lost!  

     Today has been such a great day already, N and I walked all over beautiful Brooklyn Heights and then had a nice walk home.  N just left to go to Rosh Hoshana service with his dad and then I'm meeting them back at his dad's place for dinner.  Such a beautiful weekend.  I counted today as an active/rest day.  Giving my soar muscles a break but still being active.  I'm checking all schedules to see if I can do a yoga class someplace tomorrow after work.  

     Gotta get my butt in gear to make it uptown in time for dinner, much love and L'shana Tova!  


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