Tuesday, September 11, 2012

wiped out

     The title says it all I am wiped out.  
I feel it way more then I did before.  I was on fire at work today and took care of a lot.  I was really focused on not falling behind so I pushed myself hard and was moving fast all day, even when I was at the computer just processing.

     N and I did another small round of grocery shopping today and I think that really took it out of me, I used everything I had left to navigate that Trader Joe's.  Once we got home I did food prep for tomorrow and here we are now.  I am going to bed.  No work out today.  I have an early alarm set and plan on jogging in the nice cool weather.  I stumbled on a cool website on Pinterest called BodyRock.tv.  The site is a bit hard to navigate but it looks like the team offers some really cool stuff.  I was SUPER intimidated but then I watched 2 of their videos and was put at ease, they all seem like good people and I like the idea of a "home workout movement."  My only problem was that it took the videos a little bit to load and then skipped a little in the video.  None of the workouts are ever more then 20 minutes, some are only nine so I don't know if they can replace a regular workout routine but I think I'm going to give them a shot.

     OK, bedtime for me.  


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