Thursday, October 18, 2012

218. fitbloggin?

     As often happens, I sit down to write a blog post and then do a thousand other things.
 Not because I am trying to get away from blogging but because I have a lot to say.

My topic of choice today is Fitbloggin '13.  I learned about Fitbloggin this year just before it happened so I was unable to get my act together to go.  Next year it is in Portland, OR.  I have tentativly lined up a couch to sleep on while I'm there.  There is early bird pricing until November 7th.  The early price with the service fee you ask? $204.97.  $204?! Uh!  I have to go.

As if I didn't already need to put aside a ton of money for PAX and paying all my loans, etc.  Anywho. If I play my cards right I can have it so the trip doesn't hurt so bad. I can get the ticket now before the price goes up, probably stay with my friend and then don't have to start hunting for airfare for at least another month or so.  Glad that's decided.  Are any of you considering going?  I would love to see your lovely faces.

Day 14.  Breakfast.   om nom.

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