Friday, October 26, 2012


Nice night out tonight seeing a play at MCC called Don't Go Gentle. Everything we see there is wonderful. Felt great, dressed up cute in my pink tights though I did have to throw them out once I got home. The bench I sat down on decided that it wanted a piece for itself and created a small hole which turned into a 2" hole by the end of the night. Oh well. :)

Ate well today and had one glass of sangria while out this N and the in-laws.

Oh! Set a big goal today! By this time next year I will run a half marathon. I did all the math (9 weeks in a training program/3 miles per program. 52 weeks in a year which is time for 5+ programs. =more then enough time to train) it totally works out. I haven't registered for it yet as the schedules for this time next year aren't out yet. But I will check back and be sure to register for one ASAP.

Boom! I'm gonna run a half marathon.

#22. Love

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