Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 215

Seems a little silly to post when I can see that no one's been here to read in about a week.  Makes sense, I haven't had much to say in weeks.

The weekend was a whirl wind of greatness.  I will try to get some picture up from the weekend over the course of the week.

Today's photo challenge is Motivation & it's actually gonna be two pictures, deal with it.  :)

Day 11, Motivation

That's my family.  Some immediate, some brand new as of the wedding this Saturday.  Some east coast, some west cost.  They are my cheering section.  They motivate me like you wouldn't believe.  Even my step-dad (the guy in the middle of the top pic between then kid & the guy holding the baby) was just like blown away and so proud of all the work that I was doing and couldn't believe it.  It was really awesome, him and I were never tight, so it really meant a lot to hear it from him.


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    1. Thank you! Wow. It means so much that you said something, thank you again. really. xoxo

  2. what do you mean? I read every day!
    - Kathleen