Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 224 - productive tuesday

Wow!   I was on fire once I got home from work today!
 I went out and jogged as soon as N was home. We did Week 1 Day 1 of 5k to 10k.  It was a nice easy 20 minute jog.  I'm glad I chose to jump right into another training program even if 10k sounds impossible right now.  Hey man, gotta get to 6 miles if I ever hope to do 26.  

I showered right away and helped finish making dinner.  Once dinner was done it was straight to working on my Halloween costume.  We have a party Friday night in the Bronx at my old place and one in Queens on Saturday night.  I am really excited about it so far, it looks great!

Tomorrow I will put the finishing touches on it as well as look for some shoes.  Flats should do the trick, though I may just wear my own to save some time any money.  

I'm feeling really good.  So long as I stay on track this week I am heading in the direction of crossing the 40lb mark.  Eep!

#20. Lunch

Hearty minestrone & super spinach salad from TJs. 
Not pictured here two oranges that I devoured.



  1. Well done!!! Keep it up... hope to be following you in the 40lbs soon!

  2. Love all the rainbow colored veggies I see here! :-)