Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 225 - another productive night

Wednesday already?! Yikes.  OK.
 So right after work I headed to Payless by work to get shoes for my Halloween costume.  No dice.  I then headed back to Brooklyn to hit up my local Salvation Army.  Closed.  SHIT!  I was all over the place!  If I didn't get shoes tonight I wouldn't be able to work on them for the party Friday.  Not ok.  I came home in a bummed mood but my fab husband had the right idea. First we looked up online to see if the shoes I was looking for were anyplace near by.  They were in Atlantic Center.  We'll go for a jog and end at the Payless in Atlantic Center then we can grab shoes there. That way we can run and get the shoes in one trip!  Damn, dude is so smart.  I was still kinda pouty and then he said my new favorite thing ever "Come on, I want to run the funk out of you."  I don't know that true word have been spoken.  We completed our run then got the shoes and headed home.

Dinner was fast and easy, then it was onto costumes!  Mine looks SO COOL.  You don't understand.  glittered and painted my shoes and then finished the design on my dress.  The only thing I don't have is a head piece, but we'll get there.  

Can we talk about how this is the greatest Halloween costume I have made EVER.  Yes Mrs. White from Clue was great, but that was because N and all of my roomies and I went as all of the players.  I looked great in a group.  I am going to look great on my own.  In part because now I have a body that I feel so confident in I just want people to look at me and tell me I look great, cuz I know it's true.  And 2nd because my costume is just so fucking awesome and homemade.  My shoes are ADORABLE, rebel scum adorable. 

21. Rest/Recovery

Nothing like a little foot rub from the hubs to end a day.


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