Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today started as a kind of crap day, but thakfully that is over now : ) 
After work N and I had some dinner and went out to move the car we are borrowing while my uncle is on his honeymoon.  N was like, What time is Fairway open until?  We could go get veggies and start juicing tomorrow.  um.  uh.  OK?! I was really shocked that he said it but I went with it, I've been wanting to try juicing for a while.  We hit fairway and got tons of veggies.
It was a bit on the pricey side but I think that was because it was Fairway.  We'll just have to hit TJs and Pathmark from now on for that.  

We managed to get in a good run between parking the car and making all our juice! It so wasn't gonna go that way, but N so made it happen.  The Monday spot we found didn't hurt either. 

We made all the juice we will both need for the day tomorrow.  It's a lot of juice.  I will do my best to keep a goo record though the day tomorrow to let you know how  it goes.

Day 12. Strength

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