Saturday, October 6, 2012

Let's play!

Photo Challenge!

I hope you will play along!  Feel free to catch up or put the days you missed on the end or mix and match or scrap and rewrite the whole thing but I think it would be great way for us all to connect and stay motivated. 
My goal then is to also post a recap day and have all 30 in one post but I don't know how blogger will handle that.  

1. 1st Day Smile
2. Friend
3. Today's Workout
4. Non Scale Victory (NSV)
5. Shoes
6. Accomplishment
7. Inspiration
8. Non Food Reward
9. New Clothes
10. Sweat
11. Motivation
12. Strength
13. Goals
14. Breakfast
15. Work Out Outfit
16. Community
17. Fresh Fruit and/or Vegetables
18. Work Out Music
19. Old Clothes
20. Lunch
21. Rest/Recovery
22. Love
23. Healthy Snack
24. Journal
25. Hydration
26. Dinner
27. Comfort
28. Gear
29. Nature/Outside
30. Collage

So here is my #2. Friend!

She's a great friend from work who is letting me borrow her juicer so I can try juicing!  How amazing is that? She is an avid biker and was the one I went to Prospect Park with a while back that then came to find me when I got lost. We have a lot in common when it comes to ideas about eating and wellness.  It means so much to me that she's letting me borrow this.  

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