Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One and done

Boy was that something else.
So like I said N and I dove into a juice fast this morning.  Last night we prepared all the juice we'd need for today save for "dinner."  We both struggled through out the day.  I was so foggy and irritable and just zoned out.  I'm not entirely sure I did anything at work today. The juices we great but holy shit I love food.  

It was so awful seeing and smelling food.  I wanted chicken parm in the worst way.  I'm a vegetarian.  A girlfriend of mine was eating it in the break room and I was drooling.  

N and I made out "dinner" juice (butternut squash, kale, celery & apple w/cinnamon to taste) sat down and got through one episode of the Daily Show and that was it.  We were both done.  Crazed.  We got dressed, each had a handful of cashews, made peace with breaking our word about the fast and headed directly out to Building on Bond.  We ordered, ate and hardly spoke to each other.  It was hilarious.  I think the people sitting next to us we judging us hard core for not really speaking to each other and eating like, well, like we hadn't eaten all day.

I still have a headache but mentally I feel so much better having eaten.

Challange Day 13.  Goals.

How about the big one?  How about the end all be all goal.  The NYC Marathon.  My NYRR magazine came in the mail today and it's the official program to the marathon.  I've cried like 6 times just browsing through it.  I am so moved by the strength and endurance it take to complete a marathon.  I am even more moved knowing that that exists inside of me.  

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  1. I give you credit for even attempting a juice fast. I can't, I just can't. I get such a headache and I become like the biggest b**** ever! The juices you had would probably be good as snacks or something.