Monday, October 29, 2012

retroactive post for the weekend & weigh in (kinda long but tons of pictures!)

-38.5 total loss

Yesterday was a bit of a cluster fluck over here.  I was in the middle of panicking about being prepared for Sandy hitting so I didn't post but I did do my weigh in in the morning.  There was a gain which was to be expected as last week was a HUGE loss probably due to my one day juice fast.  I was bummed to see the number go up since I am so close to hitting 40lbs lost. 

N and I are all battened down.  
My apartment is close to immaculate.


We have a ton of bottled water (which you'll see below.)  
All electronic devices are charged.  We have a collection of candles.  
We have go bags packed and a map to the near by evac center in a local high school.  

We really can't be much more prepared.

They are saying the worst of the storm will come tonight, 
over night so there isn't much else to do but wait.  

Anywho... back tracking a bit over the weekend...  Here are my photo challenge 

23. Healthy Snack
This may be the saddest, driest looking carrot you've ever seen but it suited me just fine.

 #24 Journal
So I had every intention of taking a picture of my blog until I cam across these guys while out on a walk.  They are Nightmare Snatcher Journals.  Where you "Write all your fears, my dear"  How cute are they?!

#25. Hydration
This is a better part of our water collection that we have for the storm should we need it. Not pictured here are all the bottles in the fridge and the Brita filter.  We got this.

Our next series of photos are halloween costumes!  N and I went as R2D2 and C3PO from Star Wars because we are giant nerds.  We humaned them up a bit.  R2 is a classy lady and 3PO is a Brooklyn hipster.

N & I at a party in Queens.  We had a great time meeting people at this party and everyone loved our costumes.  What's not to love?!

Close up of the droids you are looking for.

Check. Me. Out!  I haven never loved so much the way I look in a Halloween costume.  All my hard work shows on my face and in my body in this pic.  People kept telling me how amazing I looked and that they loved the costume.  They were all stunned that it was all more or less done with sharpie.  Ugh!  I want to wear this dress all the time!!  xoxo

Randomly here is a pretty grasshopper that landed on my lunch while N and I were eating at this cool bar in Park Slope.  We were sitting outside the weather was so nice!

And lastly here are a few shots just outside of my apartment.
It really doesn't look like much but just to give you an idea.

If you have made it all the way to the end of this long post I highly recommend that you check out this link.  It is a webcam on top of the Times Building in Manhattan.  It refreshes every minute and the pictures are really cool, I think. 

Hope you are all well!


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