Friday, October 5, 2012

running practice and challenge day 1!

Got in a decent run/jog/walk today.
 Again no music, just my phone on my armband for gps.  I feel worlds better then I have in the past few days.  It's all just mental/emotional/PMS stuff.  I swear my brain just melts into useless goo sometimes around this time of the month.  

Running really cleared my head (and my nose) tonight.  My fb status after I was done was "I love the feeling of run in my legs." I don't really know how else to express it. 

I'm bad at finishing things.  I always freak out when they are about to end or change. Sometimes the fear and the mental gobeldy gook actually keeps me from finishing.  I feel like I am in that state now.  I didn't finish Insanity, I'm two weeks from being done with couch to 5k and I'm 50% though losing all the weight I want to.  In my head I feel like when you finish something you are suppsed to be the master of it.  The way reality works is that you finish a TRAINING program and then you begin to master it.  Yoga is a practice. Why isn't fitness in general?  I am going to take up a running practice and an overall health practice.  

To try something new and fun, starting today I am starting a 30 Day Photo Challenge as inspired by something I found on Pinterest.  I haven't worked out all 30 yet.  So far I have 16.  They include things like Hydration (day 24,) Healthy Snack (day 22,) Fresh Fruit and/or Veggies (day 16.)  Let me know if you have an idea for something to add to this list.  The plan is to have whole list completed and posted for tomorrows post.  

For now I leave you with #1. First Day Smile.

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