Wednesday, November 7, 2012


     Since my store is operating on reduced hours while the clean up effort continues at the memorial and our other locations I have been getting out of work early this week.  
While I am scheduled from 9am to 5pm I have been leaving just after 4pm when the store closes.  We have a ton of staff so the floor stays in good shape all day.  Anywho, I took advantage today.  I went to the Salvation Army after work on a hunt for work shoes, snow boots, a coat and whatever the hell else I could find.  I didn't get any of those things but it was really fun to look.  I tried on a lot of coats that I wouldn't normally because I used to be so afraid of size labels.  I tried on everything from Medium to 1X and a few that were not labeled.  The funny thing, none of them really fit.  It was actually great.  I mean some were just too cute but a bit too small and others were cut for something other then a person.  But the label didn't mean anything, it didn't mean anything about me or really even about the coat.  It was just that, a label.  I didn't get anything but I did like a lot of what I saw.

     The other way that I took advantage of the early day was to get in a work out.  It felt really great to get it out of the way in my day.  I did the Insanity fit test which is only about 30 minutes long.  I don't know that I am starting the program again but I have considered it.  Possibly just the first month.  The results I had we just so great.  Either way, I got in a work out.  I got in a shower and I blow dried my hair.  

     When N got home we made the long trek (j/k it's across the street) to our polling site.  We got our democracy on and did some vote-tastic voting.  It was a super pleasant experience.  I would say we were there about 40ish minutes.  Want to know my secret?  Another thing that I've never shared with anyone?  Until today, I never voted.  I wasn't even registered.  I don't know what changed my mind this year but I went for it.  I have my personal views about politics and politicians which you will seldom if ever hear me discuss.  It has to do mostly with feeling like I really don't think my vote counts (please do not send me a lecture on this, I am fully aware of how it all works and how it "counts") and second that I don't really get at all what the heck is being talked about most of the time.  I'm more interested in results then policy and I don't research the things that don't involve me, since they don't involve me.  Big business and it's taxes? Doesn't particularly concern me.  Women's rights, student loan debt, that's stuff I can get behind, thought I still don't really discus it.  All that aside, I am once again glad the election season is over.  

     N and I will celebrate our 4 year anniversary when just before the inauguration.  He just let me know that he wants to take me out to recreate what we call our first date.  I say that because when the night stated it wasn't a date.  I think you can figure out how that all turned out.  

     Well.  I'm exhausted.  Bed time!


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