Sunday, November 4, 2012


165.6 lbs
-0.2 lbs from last week
-38.7 lbs total loss

I am back.  This has been a really out of this world week and blogging really lost priority for me.  NYC and the surrounding areas were hit hard.  I don't really need to go into the detail about it, you have the news/internet.

As I think most of you know I work for the memorial (the memorial for an event referred to by the day it happened) in lower Manhattan.  The location that I work in specifically wasn't hit, it just lost power.  Same goes for our offices.  The memorial plaza itself flooded, the museum flooded and our 2nd location, the Visitors Center or VC, flooded.  Wednesday and Thursday I went to help dig out the VC. Wednesday I walked to and from work (3 miles each way) as the east river bridges were all stopped dead with traffic and no trains were running between Brooklyn & Manhattan.  Thursday I drove with 2 coworkers.  I drove home as well.  That night I took a 2 hour nap when I came home, was up for about another 3 hours, went to bed at 11 and slept until almost 11 the next day.  My body was wiped out.

Tuesday morning I got a call from N's father that N's Bubby had passed away.  Ugh.  So that day we packed N up and did what we needed to get him on the flight that his folks had booked as N's Bubby lived in Albuquerque, NM.  Also, no flights in or our of LaGuardia, JFK or Newark.  I picked up N's folks and drove them to Newark airport where there was no power, were they rented a car and started heading for Louisville.  They stopped the night in PA and then found they could catch a flight from Columbus, OH so they changed their flight and drove to OH where they flew to AZ then NM.

N came home Friday and his parents came home today.

Dude.  I am so flucking lucky.  Everyone I know is fine.  Power went out here and there, family stayed with family, friends stayed with friends but things are slowly moving back to normal for them which is incredible.

There are those that have lost everything and that's where I freeze up and stop knowing how to function.  How do you even begin to help?  How can a donation I make or time I volunteer even make a difference?  It has to, everything has to count.  It's the same as the crazy weight loss journey that I have been on.  They only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  That's how I am going to help, one bite at a time.  This weekend I am going to SI with a g/f of mine.  Before then I have to come up with another way to help.  I need to make sure I get in to donate platelets since I cancelled my last appointment.  I want to bake or knit hats or do someone's laundry or explode or cry.  I still feel like I'm in a fog.  

I haven't worked out all week.  I maintained my weight this week which was awesome.  I am sure stress had a little something to do with that.  I will write every night this week even if I have no idea what to talk about.  I just need to talk more, get more out and this has quickly become the place that I do that.

Oh, lastly, my 30 Day photo challenge swan dived right into the dirt.  I am going to wrap up the last two or three starting tomorrow just to get the wrap on that.

I hope you are all safe and warm.
Don't forget to tell everyone you love that you love them.
Tell them for no reason other then you love them.

I love you.  
Thank you so much for reading and being apart of my life.
Like no kidding, I love you.


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