Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 244

  I called out of work today.  Yesterday I had a headache/migraine all day and when I got up this morning it still wasn't gone.  
I took it easy today, drank a ton of water and just generally relaxed.  I think I am still kind of messed up from being out on SI this weekend, mentally I mean.  I still sit here in the comfort of my home and just want to throw it all out the window.  My head hurts but it's duller, my jaw is still popping which it's been doing since the Sunday of the hurricane and now I have a bit of a twitch under my left eye.  I'm feeling quite unhinged.  Hopefully going back to work will help.  

Got in a jog today.  It was a hard day out.  I ran so hard in the beginning and I panicked myself when I realized how far I'd gotten and that it had only taken me seven minutes to get there.  The prospect of having to jog another 22 minutes had my legs give and I walked.  I picked up and jogged but still walked another 2 or 3 times though the time I was out.  I was shocked to see that I still got in 2.63 miles.  N and I laughed that we walk faster than we jog.  

Got all my stuff on my check list done today.  That's cool.  I just have to do my last 2 things for the day and I'm all set.  That feels nice but I think I'm still indifferent.  

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