Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 258

Just got done with food prep for tomorrow.  
Having some soup from Trader Joe's and a homemade salad with some homemade salad dressing.  I've been having a lot of fun experimenting and making my own dressings.  The one I had today (& is one my salad tomorrow) is made with greek yogurt, a TON of dill, fresh garlic, little onion, half a tomato and a little bit of oil and vinegar.  Yum.  Creamy and light.  I dig.

N and I went out for a short run tonight.  We did about 2.07 miles, Week 3 Day 1 of 5k to 10k.  We were joking that after yesterday that today kind of felt like a warm up.  I guess that is kind of the point thought.  N was commenting on how it's really getting me ready for longer distances.  I like that.  I like N too, a lot, incase you hadn't gathered that.  

So I came across a really cool program while I was researching runs and programs that may be a great beneficiary from FitSwap.  I present you with Girls on the Run.  This incredible program is doing amazing things for girls in this area.  Regardless of if I work with these guys for FitSwap I want to become a coach with them.  Please, check out the site.  

That's all for tonight!


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