Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 260

Can I tell you something I am really looking forward to?  
I really want to run in the snow.  Like a lot.  I've said before how running in the rain makes me feel like a bad ass, well I get that like 10 fold now that it's getting colder out.  I just googled images of winter running and I love them!  Those people look so awesome.  I just read a good, brief, list of winter running tips.  I have been eating up articles in Runners World at REI and though NYRR.  --- I just took one of those side trips and created an account with Runners World, lol.  They have lots of cool stuff.

Man I am so unidentifiable from who I was and what I cared about just 8 months ago.  It's really wild but I really love it.

Ok, gotta run.  Shower time.  
I open at the store tomorrow so early to bed and early to rise.

Life goal:  Have a career without "opening" or "closing" shifts.


  1. lol... totally get what you mean about opening and closing shifts...I worked in hospitality for 6 years! Now work in an office and dont miss anything from the industry!!! x

  2. I nominated you for the liebster award! Here is the link to my blog which talks about it!