Monday, November 19, 2012


Wow is all I can say.  Thank you all for the incredible out pour of congratulations and support.  I don't know that you'll ever get how much it means.  So really, thank you.

I posted that pic that I put in my blog yesterday on my fb page.  119 likes.  That is out of this world to me.  That's a quarter of my fb friends.  That pretty cool.  :)

This evening I am in the first stages of making pumpkin pie filling from scratch.  Today a butchered, steamed and gutted two not very helpless pumpkins.  They are savages.  I understand the want for canned pumpkin so much more now.  I am glad I have this part out of the way though so that I can just put everything together over the next 2 days.  I still need a pie plate, kind of an important piece to this puzzle.  

Also so glad so many of you like FitSwap!  Like I said, please keep all ideas and suggestions coming because I am totally making this up as I go.

love yous. 
you're all the best.

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